• Feeding the hungry.
    Feeding the hungry.
    Millions of people go hungry everyday, in this modern era; some communities are still struck by famine. It is never their liking, however circumstances beyond their control dictates the situation; ranging from war, conflict, political unrest, climate, and poverty.
  • Instruction
    Instructing the ignorant (or providing a source of knowledge to them) and not condemning them for their lack of knowledge is an important virtue we all need to adopt today.
  • Entombing
    Burying the dead is the single last respect you can show to someone you knew or didn’t know. It’s an act of kindness we ought to do because we all wish to be respectfully buried when the time comes!
  • Clothing the naked.
    Clothing the naked.
    Clothing is very essential in covering our bodies, protection against bad weathers and boosting the self-confidence. Giving clothing to the underprivileged is an act of kindness and this surely brings smiles to their faces.
  • Sheltering the Homeless
    Sheltering the Homeless
    The homeless are in virtually in every country in the world; showing them kindness should always give us a sense of fulfillment. With a joint effort
  • Giving drink to the thirsty.
    Giving drink to the thirsty.
    Safe drinking water is one of the most essential gifts you can offer to put smiles on Billions of faces worldwide that can’t afford it.
  • Visiting the sick
    Visiting the sick
    Healthcare is an increasing concern in developing countries, however, both developed and developing countries have the sick; these sick people need our love, encouragement and prayer
  • Visiting the Imprisoned
    Visiting the Imprisoned
    The imprisoned no matter what; still need care, love and kindness. We can do this by visiting them and sharing stories with them. Helping to improve on the facilities in which the prisons operate