HB1113RC,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,/Macrobiotus1627770.html,with,www.knightsofcharity.org,Duty,Outdoor,Intermatic,$32,Timer,Three,Heavy,Receptac HB1113RC,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,/Macrobiotus1627770.html,with,www.knightsofcharity.org,Duty,Outdoor,Intermatic,$32,Timer,Three,Heavy,Receptac $32 Intermatic HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Three Receptac Tools Home Improvement Electrical Intermatic HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Receptac Three Cheap mail order sales Intermatic HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Receptac Three Cheap mail order sales $32 Intermatic HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Three Receptac Tools Home Improvement Electrical

Intermatic New Shipping Free Shipping HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Receptac Three Cheap mail order sales

Intermatic HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Three Receptac


Intermatic HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Three Receptac

Product description


The Intermatic heavy duty outdoor 15 Amp timer provides up to two on/off settings per day. Designed for use with 12- and 14-gauge extension cords, this outdoor timer features a weatherproof cover, a handy override switch, and three receptacles controlled by the timer. This timer can be used as a wall or stake mount.

From the Manufacturer

The Intermatic Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Stake is great for multiple usage. It has three outlets and two on/off settings per day to handle a variety of needs. It has a 15 amp capacity and a grounded receptacle. A weatherproof cover is included to protect against the elements. No extension cord is included with this product.

Intermatic HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Three Receptac

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