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half Super special price Santic Women's Bike Pants Cycling Tights Padded Long 4D Bicycle

Santic Women's Bike Pants Cycling Tights 4D Padded Bicycle Long


Santic Women's Bike Pants Cycling Tights 4D Padded Bicycle Long

Product Description


Item type: Womens cycling pants

Feature: Reflective, Breathable, Quick Dry

Season: Spring / Fall / Winter

Fit: Cycling, Mountain biking, Road riding, Outdoor sports

SIZE SUGGESTION: Please check the size chart carefully and choose a recommend size to buy.

Washing Tips: Handwash.Do not brush or bleach.Do not dry clean.Do not tumble dry.


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Santic Women's Bike Pants Cycling Tights 4D Padded Bicycle Long

Improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge

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Universities providing physiotherapy and physical therapy education are invited to involve their students to contribute content to Physiopedia as part of an educational project.


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The Physiopedia charity is supported by organisations that collaborate in various ways to help us in our mission to provide open education for the global Physiotherapy and Physical therapy profession.
“The International Committee of the Red Cross is proud to have supported three open courses developed and delivered by Physiopedia on lower limb amputee rehabilitation, managing children with cerebral palsy and clubfoot” - Barbara Rau ICRC