About Us

Founded on 9 June 2015,  Knights Of Charity (KoC), is an International Charity Organisation headquartered in Nairobi. At KoC, we believe that all lives matter and that a mortality or incapacity due to the lack of a basic need in one part of the world is the same mortality or incapacity in any other part of the world. Mortality or incapacity is the same regardless of country. Similarly, giving a helping hand should not be based on race/skin colour, religious belief, country of origin, gender or age but rather the urgent need to help the underprivileged.

It’s from the above philosophy that Knights of Charity promotes the kindness to human kind through acts of mercy of; Feeding the hungry, Giving drink to the thirsty, Clothing the naked, Sheltering the Homeless, Visiting the sick, Visiting the Imprisoned, Entombing (burying the dead) and Instruction(instruction of the ignorant).

We, therefore, encourage volunteers from around the world to help us achieve this goal for a common good. Join us today and make a difference in your community and around the world.


To be the leading organization through which the underprivileged across the world can be blessed.


To promote acts of mercy, provision of basic needs and encourage regard for the underprivileged throughout the world!


  1. To create a platform through which more privileged people can effectively help the underprivileged.
  2. To carry out charity activities within needy communities.
  3. To create and support as many charity clubs in the world as possible.

Source of funding;

  1. Donations
  2. Membership fees

How do we work with people?;

We believe in involving volunteers and the community in our activities. The process is simple;

  1. A need/ activity is identified, it can be identified by any member of Knights of Charity or community. To suggest a need or activity write to [COUNTRY NAME]@knightsofcharity.org and copy to admin@knightsofcharity.org
  2. The need /activity is verified by a team of Knights of Charity within the particular country to ensure that the assistance is channelled to the right person(s). Such verification includes; site visits, documentation, interviews, photography and any such means of data collection,
  3. Registered volunteers are contacted once the verification process is done; other willing volunteers are also included on the team,
  4. A date is set when the activity will be executed,
  5. Our dedicated volunteers then travel to the site to execute the activity.