Sea Gull Lighting 8462D-44 Chatham Outdoor Ranking TOP1 Wall One-Light Lanter,Sea,One-Light,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Gull,Lighting,$147,Chatham,Outdoor,8462D-44,Lanter,Wall,/cambist1699898.html Sea Gull Lighting 8462D-44 Chatham Outdoor Ranking TOP1 Wall One-Light Lanter $147 Sea Gull Lighting 8462D-44 Chatham One-Light Outdoor Wall Lanter Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans $147 Sea Gull Lighting 8462D-44 Chatham One-Light Outdoor Wall Lanter Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans,Sea,One-Light,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Gull,Lighting,$147,Chatham,Outdoor,8462D-44,Lanter,Wall,/cambist1699898.html

Sea Gull Lighting 8462D-44 Chatham Outdoor Manufacturer direct delivery Ranking TOP1 Wall One-Light Lanter

Sea Gull Lighting 8462D-44 Chatham One-Light Outdoor Wall Lanter


Sea Gull Lighting 8462D-44 Chatham One-Light Outdoor Wall Lanter

Product description

The Sea Gull Lighting Chatham one light outdoor wall fixture in weathered copper creates a warm and inviting welcome presentation for your home's exterior. The Chatham outdoor lighting collection by Sea Gull Lighting offers a timeless, traditional design with a classic window pane detailing over Frosted Seeded glass or Clear Seeded glass, and crowed with a cupola atop the dramatic mansard roofline. Offered in either a Weathered Copper finish or an Oxidized Bronze finish, the assortment includes a small one-light outdoor wall lantern, a medium one-light outdoor wall lantern (available in a Dark Sky version too), a large one-light outdoor wall lantern (available in a Dark Sky version too), a large two-light outdoor wall lantern, one-light or two-light outdoor post lanterns, as well as one-light or two-light outdoor pendants. Both incandescent lamping and ENERGY STAR-qualified fluorescent lamping are available for most of the fixtures, and some can convert to LED by purchasing LED replacement lamps sold separately.

Sea Gull Lighting 8462D-44 Chatham One-Light Outdoor Wall Lanter


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