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TISSOT Tradition GMT Black Leather T0636391605700


TISSOT Tradition GMT Black Leather T0636391605700

Product description

Tissot T-Classic T0636391605700 watch for men has a Swiss quartz movement and an analog display on black dial. Its silver stainless steel ceramic case pairs well with its durable black leather bracelet. The band's closure is design with a sturdy buckle clasp, while the case is built for 3ATM/ 99ft/ 30m water resistance.

  • Watch Brand: Tissot
  • Collection: T-Classic
  • Model: T0636391605700
  • Band Color: black
  • Band Material: leather
  • Band Size: 20 mm
  • Clasp Type: buckle
  • Dial: black
  • Display: analog
  • Movement: Swiss quartz
  • Case Color: silver
  • Case Material: stainless steel
  • Case Size: 42 mm
  • Water Resistance: 3ATM/ 99ft/ 30m
  • TISSOT Tradition GMT Black Leather T0636391605700

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