Aiai JAPAN Fresno Mall Igusa Setta Japanese Zouri Sandals flip-flop Tatami flip-flop,JAPAN,Aiai,Sandals,$33,,Setta,|,Japanese,Zouri,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Igusa,/denotativeness1827933.html,Tatami flip-flop,JAPAN,Aiai,Sandals,$33,,Setta,|,Japanese,Zouri,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Igusa,/denotativeness1827933.html,Tatami $33 Aiai JAPAN | Igusa Setta Japanese Tatami Zouri Sandals flip-flop Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Aiai JAPAN Fresno Mall Igusa Setta Japanese Zouri Sandals flip-flop Tatami $33 Aiai JAPAN | Igusa Setta Japanese Tatami Zouri Sandals flip-flop Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

Aiai JAPAN Fresno Mall Igusa Setta Japanese Zouri Sandals Cheap mail order shopping flip-flop Tatami

Aiai JAPAN | Igusa Setta Japanese Tatami Zouri Sandals flip-flop


Aiai JAPAN | Igusa Setta Japanese Tatami Zouri Sandals flip-flop

Product description

Setta are a Japanese traditional sandals.
It is a type of thin-soled square-shaped zori for men,with an outsole of bull leather or urethane rubber and a hanao straps.

The surface made of IGUSA is breathable,So it makes you good feeling when you put on setta without socks.

The straps of setta will be tight when you wear for the first time.
However, they are very soft and comfortable.They will fit your feet after wearing few times.
If you want to soften just now,try the following way.

-Press a "core"made of hard paper it's in a hanao straps.
-Hold a bottom of setta and draw the straps throught your index finger like making arch.
Having done that,you will get a comfortabe setta-life

Large:9.6inch(high),4.0inch(width) Men's size 6.5~7.0
X-Large:10.5inch(high),4.3inch(width) Men's size 8.5~9.0
3X-Large:12inch(high),4.7inch(width) Men's size 11.0~12.0

Aiai JAPAN | Igusa Setta Japanese Tatami Zouri Sandals flip-flop

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