Southbend Range 34127 Hotplate 2600 480 Max 57% OFF Volt Watt $186 Southbend Range 34127 Hotplate, 2600 Watt 480 Volt Appliances Parts Accessories Southbend Range 34127 Hotplate 2600 480 Max 57% OFF Volt Watt $186 Southbend Range 34127 Hotplate, 2600 Watt 480 Volt Appliances Parts Accessories 2600,$186,34127,Watt,Hotplate,,,Range,Volt,/epityphlon1699753.html,Appliances , Parts Accessories,480,Southbend 2600,$186,34127,Watt,Hotplate,,,Range,Volt,/epityphlon1699753.html,Appliances , Parts Accessories,480,Southbend

Southbend Range 34127 Hotplate 2600 480 Max 57% OFF Volt Watt Oakland Mall

Southbend Range 34127 Hotplate, 2600 Watt 480 Volt


Southbend Range 34127 Hotplate, 2600 Watt 480 Volt

Product description

Product Description

34127 , Hotplate, 2600 Watts 480 Volts , For over one hundred years, Southbend has produced the finest in heavy-duty ovens, ranges, and steamers

From the Manufacturer

34127, HOTPLATE, 2600 WATT 480 VOLT. Southbend Range Genuine OEM replacement part. For over one hundred years, Southbend has produced the finest in heavy-duty ovens, ranges, and steamers. Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance.

Southbend Range 34127 Hotplate, 2600 Watt 480 Volt

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