TS Purchase BRASS 002882-40 L-Tube 12" Assembly $85 TS BRASS 002882-40 12" L-Tube Assembly Appliances Parts Accessories TS,$85,Appliances , Parts Accessories,12",www.knightsofcharity.org,BRASS,002882-40,Assembly,L-Tube,/exalter1628119.html $85 TS BRASS 002882-40 12" L-Tube Assembly Appliances Parts Accessories TS,$85,Appliances , Parts Accessories,12",www.knightsofcharity.org,BRASS,002882-40,Assembly,L-Tube,/exalter1628119.html TS Purchase BRASS 002882-40 L-Tube 12" Assembly

TS Purchase BRASS 002882-40 L-Tube 12

TS BRASS 002882-40 12" L-Tube Assembly


TS BRASS 002882-40 12" L-Tube Assembly

Product description

Product Description

002882-40, L-TUBE ASSEMBLY, 12. Tamp;S Brass Genuine OEM replacement part. Tamp;S Brass produces a full line of faucets, valves, and specialty products for the food service industry. Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance.

From the Manufacturer

002882-40, L-TUBE ASSEMBLY, 12. Tamp;S Brass Genuine OEM replacement part. Tamp;S Brass produces a full line of faucets, valves, and specialty products for the food service industry. Use genuine OEM parts for safety reliability and performance.

TS BRASS 002882-40 12" L-Tube Assembly

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