Keren Kopal famous Cute Puppies and Box with Flowers Decorated Trinket Decorated,Box,/gluttonish1628159.html,and,Trinket,Puppies,Keren,$44,with,Kopal,Flowers,,Cute,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products $44 Keren Kopal Cute Puppies and Flowers Trinket Box Decorated with Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $44 Keren Kopal Cute Puppies and Flowers Trinket Box Decorated with Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Keren Kopal famous Cute Puppies and Box with Flowers Decorated Trinket Decorated,Box,/gluttonish1628159.html,and,Trinket,Puppies,Keren,$44,with,Kopal,Flowers,,Cute,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products

Keren Kopal famous Cute Puppies and Box with Flowers Decorated Trinket Ranking TOP5

Keren Kopal Cute Puppies and Flowers Trinket Box Decorated with


Keren Kopal Cute Puppies and Flowers Trinket Box Decorated with

Product description

About the Artist Keren Kopal: Keren Kopal is a designer of decorated works of art. As an art and antique collector Keren was inspired by the fabulous work of Peter Carl Faberge and started to make sculptures of boxes, eggs, animals and other accessories for art lovers. All models are original creations of the "Keren Kopal Collection" in limited series. Each piece has the signature of the artist Keren Kopal on a metal plate, as a guarantee of authenticity.

Keren Kopal Cute Puppies and Flowers Trinket Box Decorated with

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