www.knightsofcharity.org,for,Belmor,Automotive , Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle,Winterfront,Cover,WF-2212-1,White,Grille,$53,2005-2,Truck,/heterochronous1989354.html $53 Belmor WF-2212-1 White Winterfront Truck Grille Cover for 2005-2 Automotive Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Belmor WF-2212-1 White Winterfront Popular overseas Truck Grille for 2005-2 Cover www.knightsofcharity.org,for,Belmor,Automotive , Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle,Winterfront,Cover,WF-2212-1,White,Grille,$53,2005-2,Truck,/heterochronous1989354.html $53 Belmor WF-2212-1 White Winterfront Truck Grille Cover for 2005-2 Automotive Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Belmor WF-2212-1 White Winterfront Popular overseas Truck Grille for 2005-2 Cover

Belmor WF-2212-1 White SEAL limited product Winterfront Popular overseas Truck Grille for 2005-2 Cover

Belmor WF-2212-1 White Winterfront Truck Grille Cover for 2005-2


Belmor WF-2212-1 White Winterfront Truck Grille Cover for 2005-2

Product description

Belmor White Winterfront Truck Grille Cover for your 2005-2008 Volvo VT is a cold weather necessity and precision engineered to original-equipment manufacturer specifications to ensure proper fit. Reduces and redirects frigid cold air from flowing into your truck’s grille while still allowing adequate air to flow to all areas of the cooling system. To run efficiently and have your semi truck’s motor deliver the best fuel economy in winter weather, Belmor Winterfront Grille Covers should always be included in your cold weather preparations, and per the Technology and Maintenance Council TMC guidelines for your Winterfront grille covers, they should remain in place until the sustainable air temperature is 40° Fahrenheit and above. Belmor Winterfront Grille Covers are made of heavy-duty reinforced vinyl with heat sealed edges to reduce frame rolling. Winterfront Truck Grille Covers mount easily to the grille and use the same mounting hardware as Belmor Bug Screen Grille Covers, making for your easy transition from season to season. All install easily with snaps or turn buttons (hardware kits sold separately). When spring comes, switch out your Winterfront to a Belmor Standard or Designer Bug Screen that uses the same hardware. Made in the USA and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Belmor WF-2212-1 White Winterfront Truck Grille Cover for 2005-2

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