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overseas Ketone Breath Nippon regular agency Analyzer Portable Ketosis Meter Te

Ketone Breath Analyzer, Portable Ketone Breath Meter, Ketosis Te


Ketone Breath Analyzer, Portable Ketone Breath Meter, Ketosis Te

Product description

Important Tips to Get Accurate Ketones Readings!

The monitor needs to be exhausted before your first use since it may have residuals from production to warehouse; if you want to test another person consequently after your testing, please also kindly exhaust your previous residuals.

To do this, turn on the Keto Breath Meter, wait for the 15 seconds countdown finish, and turn it off. Repeat the same procedure 1-2 times (without blowing) before you proceed to your first test. During testing, please blow for 5-6 seconds immediately once ""START"" showing then the ketone meter will start analyzing your breath, the readings will be visible for 10 seconds.

Cautions Before Measurement:

Be cautious about factors may affect your results because the device is with high sensitivity sensor and avoid brushing teeth, smoking, drinking or eating 30minutes before taking test for accurate results. In order to accurately analyze and track your ketosis, we strongly recommend testing your ketone levels under the same conditions each time right after waking up in the morning before consuming anything in fasting status!

Breath Acetone Concentration Readings Instructions (PPM):

0 ~ 1.9 PPM:

Ketone Breath Analyzer, Portable Ketone Breath Meter, Ketosis Te

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