Shade,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Polycarbonate,Gray,#2,/mazame1628205.html,Glasses,,$35,in,POLYLTGREEN,Glassblowing Shade,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Polycarbonate,Gray,#2,/mazame1628205.html,Glasses,,$35,in,POLYLTGREEN,Glassblowing POLYLTGREEN Shade #2 Polycarbonate in Gray Spring new work Glassblowing Glasses POLYLTGREEN Shade #2 Polycarbonate in Gray Spring new work Glassblowing Glasses $35 POLYLTGREEN Shade #2 Polycarbonate Glassblowing Glasses in Gray Tools Home Improvement Safety Security $35 POLYLTGREEN Shade #2 Polycarbonate Glassblowing Glasses in Gray Tools Home Improvement Safety Security

POLYLTGREEN Shade #2 Polycarbonate in Gray Spring new work Glassblowing NEW Glasses

POLYLTGREEN Shade #2 Polycarbonate Glassblowing Glasses in Gray


POLYLTGREEN Shade #2 Polycarbonate Glassblowing Glasses in Gray

Product description

This lens is a soft green in color and is available in shades light green polycarbonate lens. The spectral response of this glass shows excellent ultraviolet and infrared protection. The visible light transmission is adequate for good visibility under most shop working conditions. These lenses will not knock out the sodium flare for lampworking applications.

POLYLTGREEN Shade #2 Polycarbonate Glassblowing Glasses in Gray

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