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Tickled Pink wholesale Women's Cat High quality new Sunglasses Eye Mirrored

Tickled Pink Women's Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses


Tickled Pink Women's Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses

Product description

Inner vision sunglasses offer classic yet fun styles that are so versatile you can bring them anywhere you go! Each pair of our sunglasses comes with a case to keep your fashionable sunnies in mint condition when you're not wearing them; build in scratch resistant coating will keep your lenses safe from wear and tear. With 100% uvb and uva protection, your eyes will be kept safe during any weather condition with our premium quality lenses!.

내부 비전 선글라스는 고전적이면서도 재미있는 스타일을 제공하여 어디에서든 휴대할 수 있습니다! 저희 선글라스의 각 쌍은 착용하지 않을 때 세련된 선글라스를 민트 상태로 유지할 수 있는 케이스가 함께 제공됩니다. 긁힘 방지 코팅으로 렌즈를 마모로부터 안전하게 보호합니다. 100% UV 및 자외선 차단 기능을 갖춘 프리미엄 품질의 렌즈로 어떤 날씨에도 눈을 안전하게 지켜줍니다.

From the manufacturer

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Get the look

Classic style in Black To Demi Frame amp; Brown Lens

100 uv protection sunglasses,mirror,sunglasses small,vintage,retro,reflective,female,polarized,ray


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Cat Eye

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Full Mirror

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Style Aviator Classic Retro Cat Eye Full Mirror
Frame Color Black Black to Demi Shiny Crystal Silver Black
Lens Color Silver Brown Smoke Silver Teal
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More to love! Hard Shell Case for Eye Glasses and Sunglasses - Blue Water Hard Shell Case for Eye Glasses and Sunglasses - Floral Hard Shell Case for Eye Glasses and Sunglasses - Tropical Sun Reader Glasses with UV400 Protection - 1.0X Metal Sunglasses Holder Display - Black

Tickled Pink Women's Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses

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    Summer festivals in Barcelona: the definitive guide

    Seasonal , BCN Life

    Summer nights have so much to offer. For instance, summer wouldn't be summer without a festival. Barcelona's fine weather and eclectic, cosmopolitan spirit make it one of the world's festival capitals, and summer features some of the most eagerly awaited ones. And we're not just talking about music (although in summer there are concerts to suit absolutely all tastes) but practically every artistic trend: literature, film, design, theatre, dance, food… Get ready to cool off with our great choice of culture, concerts and leisure attractions.

  • #ExperienceBarcelona, an alternative way of enjoying an intensive weekend in the city

    BCN Life

    Art, gastronomy, views, excursions by sea and historical secrets… you can do a lot in Barcelona in 48 hours, and we had the opportunity to take advantage of all of it on June 16th and 17th with #ExperienceBarcelona. How would you like to discover it too?

  • The Ribera, between art and the sea

    BCN Life

    The Ribera neighbourhood has its own unique charm. The streets of the Ribera are a living time capsule of the city-s history, and the neighbourhood still provides a window onto the Mediterranean. It is a charming spot with a wide range of options for you to enjoy the sea and culture. Below you-ll find some suggestions for activities you can enjoy for a day.

  • Experience La Mercè festival like one of the locals


    If you're thinking of heading to Barcelona for a break in September, there are five key dates on the calendar when the city opens its doors and celebrates its festivals in style. The Catalan capital dresses up for the occasion to pay tribute to the Mare de Déu de la Mercè, patron saint of Barcelona since 1687.