Tactical,Hunting,/public-safety/index.shtml,Handmade,steel,GCS,Handle,wi,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Knife,Knife,$42,G10,www.knightsofcharity.org,D2 GCS Handmade D2 steel New color Hunting Tactical Knife wi G10 Handle $42 GCS Handmade D2 steel Hunting Knife G10 Handle Tactical Knife wi Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness GCS Handmade D2 steel New color Hunting Tactical Knife wi G10 Handle Tactical,Hunting,/public-safety/index.shtml,Handmade,steel,GCS,Handle,wi,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Knife,Knife,$42,G10,www.knightsofcharity.org,D2 $42 GCS Handmade D2 steel Hunting Knife G10 Handle Tactical Knife wi Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

GCS Handmade D2 steel trust New color Hunting Tactical Knife wi G10 Handle

GCS Handmade D2 steel Hunting Knife G10 Handle Tactical Knife wi


GCS Handmade D2 steel Hunting Knife G10 Handle Tactical Knife wi

Product description

The GCS range of knives are made from top quality European materials and are built to last. We have selected some the best steels for the job, the highest quality handle materials and some great leather work to bring these impeccably made knives to the market. D2 Tool Steel which has a high hardness and great wear resistance and is one of a premium stainless steels. We have decided to make a variant of our knives in this steel as, after quite some testing, we have found that it performs extremely well. Knives handled in high quality Micarta, bone and wood which are great materials for the task as it not only looks great it requires little to no maintenance. The handles are also wonderfully ergonomic and fit the hand perfectly for hours of hard work. The sheath is a high quality leather product that allow you to carry the knife in the regular way or offers the versatility of being able to be carried a linear fashion along a belt or to be attached to the strap of a bag or even on MOLLE type webbing if need be. Our knife range is manufactured from high quality European materials We manufacture in small batches; they are NOT churned out in their thousands in a factory in the Far East. This allows us to have ultimate control over quality and materials and we are extremely happy with the results.
DISCLAIMER: We have upgraded our sheath design as shown in the image. If you believe, you have received a different design of sheath, Please get in touch with us. We will fix the issue.

GCS Handmade D2 steel Hunting Knife G10 Handle Tactical Knife wi

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