To get involved; Advise us with the following 11 details in the text box below

We appreciate your interest in joining Knights of Charity, International, a family of people with a common goal of promoting charity through the works of mercy, that is; feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick, visiting the Imprisoned, burying the dead, and Instruction of the ignorant.

As we get you registered, please kindly advise us with the following 11 details in the same order;

  1. 1. Full name (as on Passport or National ID)& Sex
  2. 2. ID/Passport No. (specify type of ID. Then it’s number)
  3. 3. Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  4. 4. Email & Phone contact(most frequently used) 
  5. 5. Occupation/profession (if applicable)
  6. 6. Nationality (mention more than 1 if applicable)
  7. 7. Country and city/town of residence
  8. 8. Are you comfortable to volunteer out of your country of residence? Yes/No
  9. 9. Which months of the year do you take your vacations? (if applicable).
  10. 10. List Major activities (of the eight activities) you would want to participate in most. …(LIST ACTIVITIES ONLY IF YOU DON’T WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL THEM)
  11. 11. Registration fee amount…(contributed quarterly (every 3 months). NB. Such will be membership & registration fees, payable per annum (in 4 installments i.e. every 3 months). Please note that there’s no obligation to pay any particular amount of money, simply pay what you feel you can afford for the cause. Your registration fees help in transportation of volunteers, snacks for them, contributions for a cause, and logistical requirements for the same.(KINDLY JUST WRITE THE AMOUNT & YOU WILL BE ADVISED ON DETAILS ON HOW TO PAY, 14 DAYS TO YOUR FIRST CHARITY MISSION)
NB. All your details except name, sex and address shall be kept confidential unless you advise otherwise. Reply Below and hit SEND with the above 11 details in the same order and an ID Number of Knights of Charity will be emailed to you within 24hrs.
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